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The iPod technology of children and teens are by far the most tech savvy therefore much.

During my teenage, as a result of the mid-eighties in India, we rarely experienced entry to computers. I took a computer course in 1987, at which the teacher applied to give us “demos” on a serious device about as soon as a 7 days, and we by no means in fact programmed on a Pc. As a substitute, we wrote algorithms and pseudocode, and had been examined on the logic of our applications.

In the course of my latest India journey, we visited a village faculty that my great-great-grand-father had founded in our ancestral village in Rajarhat, near Calcutta, wherever he grew up. The head-master took us all over and discussed that they have 10 computer systems, and pupils from 8th quality on discover details-structures, algorithms, AND they in fact write programs in C. I was both amazed and fascinated by how much into the material of India – IT has built its way. In this case, the car for this accomplishment is an academic outreach software from IBM.

In the US, of study course, we have an Affluenza era increasing up on computers from the age of 3 or 4.

It is, for that reason, fairly disheartening to examine this article by Laura Tiffany, on the occupation tastes of today’s teens:

“The teens surveyed believe that that innovation will consider treatment of such troubles as clean up water (91 percent), entire world hunger (89 p.c), sickness (88 percent), air pollution reduction (89 %) and energy conservation (82 per cent). They also feel gasoline and CDs are on their way out 33 percent feel fuel-powered cars and trucks will be absent by 2015 and CDs will be just a memory in 10 years. But when asked about their potential profession selections, science, company and engineering were not at the top of the listing. Individuals honors went to arts and drugs (17 per cent each individual) wellbeing-care/medicine occupations had been much more eye-catching to ladies than boys (25 % vs. 9 per cent). Engineering did occur in third all round at 14 percent, with a equally wide variation amongst boys and girls (24 and 4 per cent, respectively).”

Effectively, the figures are pretty distinctive in India and China. Is the US, then, leaving it up to the Asians to do the inventing and innovating?

Resource by Sramana Mitra

Search Photograph Galleries With Firefox’s URL Flipper

We all like picture galleries, and it’s a lot more exciting if the photo changes with least work. For this cause there are slideshows which are absolutely automated. But lots of picture galleries do not give slideshows. Here is a cool trick to flip photographs in picture galleries in Mozilla Firefox — The URL Flipper.

It’s one particular of the coolest utilities, and can preserve a great deal of your time. What is does is, it examines the URL of the gallery and identifies which portion of it wants to be transformed to flip to the other image. Why am I specifying only photo galleries listed here? Perfectly, the purpose is quite evident. This utility operates optimally properly in photograph galleries due to the fact there is a pattern in a URL which retains transforming, retaining the relaxation of the URL identical. Let’s see how to get it completed. Very first, you are expected to down load and install the URL Flipper add-on for Mozilla Firefox. Now adhere to the ways down below.

1) Open Firefox. Navigate to ‘History’ — ‘URL Flipper’ — ‘Increment URL’.

2) You will be taken to the URL Sample Setup window. In this article you will see some intuitive options which you need to tweak. Having said that, in most instances, Firefox alone establishes which section of the URL desires to adjust and it will spotlight it. Click on ‘OK’ to help you save the choices.

3) Now when you have to have to flip the URL, just push CTRL+Shift+ALT+UP ARROW. Alternatively, you can simply click ‘History’ — ‘URL Flipper’ — ‘Quick-Increment URL’. For navigating backwards, use DOWN ARROW as an alternative.

Assets: Download URL Flipper incorporate-on for Mozilla Firefox right here.

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The Modern-day Guy and Technologies – The Interdependence of Human Beings and Technologies?

The term ‘global village’ has been coined to aptly describe what engineering (and info) has carried out to the earth nowadays. The manifestations of know-how are too quite a few to mention. Proper now, we all breathe, eat, sleep, consider and dream technological know-how. It has completely infused alone into our conscious self as perfectly as our sub-aware. The infinite stream of info which it presents has illuminated our life over and above comprehension. An attempt to realize technological innovation potential customers to numerous riddles and enigmas. Just place, most of technology’s conclusions fill us with awe and are further than understanding. An objective evaluation of technological innovation might be hard for the reason that of person variances. Nonetheless, there has to be an try to remedy this problem. The million-greenback query that lingers on the minds of all people. How has technological know-how afflicted the modern gentleman?

Devoid of mincing text and eschewing subjectivity, it appears to be truthful to say that it has enhanced life for very good. The advent of mobile phones has produced conversation easier to say the the very least. They have also moved the company entire world forward by many hundred a long time. A single can also decide on to look at the contribution of technologies to well being, transportation, training and all other crucial sectors. There is no disputing the truth that we all stay better, come to feel additional snug with ourselves and are improved geared up with facts. These are the sturdy factors of engineering, and they are naturally as well very good to be missed. The internet is found as arguably the best innovation of know-how. Surprisingly, it is the most controversial. What the world-wide-web has achieved is remarkable however. It has introduced billions of persons to inside a click on of on their own. Sharing of details happens in break up seconds with the assist of the world-wide-web. The rationale why this astonishing invention generates substantially dispute is anybody’s guess.

It has become evident that technological innovation is right here to continue to be. The dilemma of its acceptability is non-existent mainly because it would seem no a person can do with out it. The very best way to watch it is from the place of a double-edged sword. When accepting that calculators, for occasion, assist immensely and have taken the human brain to increased distances than can be imagined, it would be truthful to say that they have made us all lazy. In spite of all the very good that we can get hold of from the online, its open obtain to all sorts and types of data has produced the globe a significantly risky put to reside. It has uncovered teenagers to affairs way above their age and knowing. The influence of this on the modern society is certainly damaging. To close it all out, just about every individual need to endeavor to realize what technological innovation stands for. One ought to take care of to the use of its discoveries that are good and favourable. Make use of those people that are beneficial to you and discard the other people. Choose out the grains and throw absent the chaff.

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An Overview of Present day Technology

Present-working day know-how has improved improvement in a whole lot of techniques. People today have often been on a way of movement, nonetheless on account of technological know-how. Some of the know-how progresses has turned into a requirement of lifetime because of their importance and our dependence on them.


One particular of the locations exactly where present-working day technologies is most important is in the area of correspondence. Very long again, talking with folks outdoors your prompt location was a troublesome method, requiring correspondence by bodily letter and a a great deal evaluate of tolerance. The Online has produced lengthy separations nearly uncomplicated, permitting clients to relate with folks on the reverse aspect of the world in a second. Engineering has in addition expanded our availability, with mobile phones and diverse gadgets.


A further territory exactly where PCs and the Online have turned out to be essential is in teaching. PCs can retailer a ton of information in a minimal area diminishing entire give up do the job of refer to guides down to a solitary CD of info. The Online also serves as an tremendous asset for discovering, connecting academic locales jointly and permitting the inquisitive to scan for any subject matter achievable. A solitary Personal computer could retail outlet quite a few instructive diversions, audio, and visual classes and also give obtain to an abundance of discovering for understudy. In the classroom, virtual whiteboards can supplant boards, allowing instructors to give intuitive material to understudy and participate in instructive flicks with out the want to established up a projector.


Know-how has also affected the human companies field. Developments in symptomatic instruments allow experts to distinguish sicknesses and circumstances early, expanding the odds of an effective cure and sparing life. Progressions in medicines and antibodies have likewise demonstrated significantly impressive, about killing bacterial infections like measles, diphtheria, and smallpox that when introduced about huge plagues. Chopping edge pharmaceutical also permits people to oversee constant ailments that were once incapacitating and lifestyle-undermining, this kind of as, diabetic issues and hypertension. Revolutionary advancements in option have similarly designed lifetime expectations and boost private pleasure for men and women around the world.


Know-how has likewise expanded effectiveness. The potential of PCs to settle advanced numerical situations permits them to accelerate any enterprise necessitating estimation or unique figuring. Pc exhibiting of actual physical impacts can spare time and dollars in any assembling circumstance, providing specialists the capacity to renovate constructions, vehicles or components to give critical facts on execution in advance of prototyping. In truth, even in the place of work ecosystem, the capacity of organized PCs to share and command facts can pace a broad assortment of errands, allowing associates to unite proficiently for most extreme performance.

Hence, the function of technologies is essential for all of us.

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The Major Things to Consider When Buying Portable Speakers

When it comes to choosing portable speakers, there are thousands of speakers available in many different shapes and sizes. With all the available options out there, it can be tough to select the best one. So, we have listed out the important things that you should look for in portable wireless speaker. This helps you to select the perfect ones that offer you good value for money in addition to excellent performance, portability and convenience. Let’s have a look at the checklist:

1. Sound Quality

The first and foremost feature to look for in portable speakers is the sound quality. As portable speakers are small, thus compromising the overall loudness of the music. So, it is essential to strike a good balance between the size of the speaker and the loudness. The drivers should be tuned to optimum efficiency so as to allow the system to play loud. They should produce quality sound, especially when used in noisy environment.

2. Cost

Portable speakers come with a wide variety of features and thus, the price differs accordingly. It is wise to choose the speaker that offers you good value for the money spent. The more features included in the speaker; the more likely it is going to be expensive. The good thing is that many companies are offering well designed speakers with great audio quality and at an affordable price.

3. Battery

The built-in battery feature in portable speakers is a great plus. Though most wireless speakers have built-in speaker batteries but again, they are not created equal. So, having a good battery life of the speaker is also an essential feature to look out for when buying one. Lithium ion batteries can provide you high power with long battery life.

4. Bluetooth

Bluetooth connection has also become a vital feature of portable speakers. The ability to support Bluetooth lets you stream music from another Bluetooth device directly to the speakers. This offers added convenience and versatility as one can use them with tablets and smartphones as well.

5. Size of the Speaker

Size plays a pivotal role when it comes to portability of the speaker. Some think that large ones are not powerful. But, these days even the small-sized portable speaker systems are capable of offering clear and crisp sound quality. So, look out for the ideal size of the speaker that suits your needs.

6. Durability

Durability is another feature to look for in portable speakers. The dust-proof and screw-less casing are more durable. Ruggedness is not just limited to the looks but also gives you the peace of mind during unfavorable weather conditions. For example, water-resistant speakers are more in demand as you can easily carry them anywhere.

7. Additional Features

There are many additional features that one requires in a portable speaker. For example, if you are using NFC-enabled smartphone, you might want speaker with NFC. This lets you connect your smartphone in a single tap. Some speakers come with accessories as well such as woofer to meet the needs of music enthusiasts. Then, there are speakers that can double up as battery bank.

We hope that these tips help you in selection of right portable speakers with confidence.

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iPad Tablet – Latest iPad Information and News

iPad is regarded as the big brother of iPod brought to you by Apple. While iPod is small in size, iPad is more or less bigger and can easily locate items without any strain to the human eyes.

iPad is available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB with Wi-Fi, 3G and includes 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display with IPS technology. iPad has 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi) and 16GB flash drive with 1Ghz Apple A4 custom-designed system on a chip with Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology.

Some models don’t include Wi-Fi and 3G. So I would suggest you to check completely with your online or retail store. The main advantage of iPad is that you can access the web from anywhere provided you have 3GB enabled iPad. If you are using it from your home or office then you can connect to the web using 802.11bgn Wi-Fi. Your location should have a Wi-Fi router in order to take advantage of this feature.

Even though the iPad is portable, it s difficult to hold it on the hands for a long time. It will cause pain to the hands and shoulder after using it for some time. The total weight of iPad is 1.5 pounds and can be used for up to 10 hours once the battery has been charged completely.

It would be helpful if Apple provides a stand to use the iPad so that users can use it for a long period of time without causing any difficulty.

Each shipment of iPad includes iPad Dock Connector to USB Cable 10W USB Power Adapter Documentation Processor, Memory, and Motherboard. iPad is available at eBay, Amazon and retail stores all over United States.

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Opportunities for Women in Automotive Industry – Interview With Tony Molla

Tony Molla is the Vice President of Communications for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) in Leesburg, VA. With over 35 years experience in the automotive service industry, Tony has held positions at all levels, including technician, service manager, parts store manager, new car sales and automotive technical editor writing service manuals for the Chilton Book Company. He has authored more than a dozen technical and car care manuals. Prior to joining ASE in January, 2000, Tony spent nine years as the Editorial Director of Motor Age magazine and Automotive Body Repair News (ABRN).

ASK PATTY: Can you tell us a little bit about your job and your position at The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)?

Tony: I am responsible for all Corporate, external and internal communications at ASE. This includes things like press releases, industry presentations, trade shows and our website content. I also manage our Consumer Outreach efforts, which include free articles sent out to consumer publications like newspapers and magazines across the country. I also manage our outreach programs which involve our sponsorships in several areas. The largest is our participation in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, where we sponsor Ted Musgrave’s No. 9 Team ASE/Germain Racing Toyota Tundra. We also have smaller sponsorships with the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team, with a presence at air shows across the country, and a sponsorship of three Professional Bull Riders in the PBR Series. We also have a grassroots racing program called Team ASE which involves our ASE certified professionals who race their own vehicles. I am also the publisher of the ASE Tech News, our Corporate publication which goes to over 500,000 subscribers consisting mostly of ASE certified professionals and our industry supporters.

ASK PATTY: What does it mean to be ASE certified?

Tony: ASE Certification works like any other professional certification. Auto and truck professionals must take and pass an industry-developed competency test in one or more areas of expertise to become certified. There are eight tests in the auto series, for example. If an individual passes all tests in a series, they achieve Master Technician status. Being ASE certified means you have demonstrated the knowledge necessary to be proficient at a given task, plus have at least two years of hands-on repair experience. ASE also certifies parts professionals, service consultants, machinists, alternate fuels technicians, transit bus technicians, truck and collision technicians. It’s important to note that ASE certification is a voluntary program, so the individuals who have achieved it have also demonstrated a pride and professionalism that goes above and beyond the norm. These are the individuals you want working on your car.

ASK PATTY: Why are you promoting automotive careers to women? Are more women needed in the automotive field?

Tony: ASE has continuously promoted the value of an automotive career to both men and women, but the demand for women in particular has risen in recent years. This rise in demand has several reasons, not the least of which is the growing shortfall in qualified technical individuals available, but women have been proven to be particularly effective in the role of service consultant. As more and more women assume the role of primary caretaker of the family automobile, it’s becoming more important to improve the communications process at the service desk–and it’s been shown that female service consultants are very effective in that role. It’s also important to note that traditionally, women have made up about one percent of the technician workforce as well. In fact, there are a few shops out there that are exclusively staffed by women.

ASK PATTY: Can you tell us about your speaking program at schools? How are you educating and inspiring young women to consider a career in automotive?

Tony: I participate as a speaker in several Career Day events around the country each year. It’s really more a question of being invited back rather than a formal program by ASE. That said, I consider my time in front of young people some of the most important work I do. I speak with kids from the elementary to the high school level and always make it a point to spotlight the opportunities for women within the industry. Some of the best automotive diagnosticians I’ve met have been women, and the opportunities for a woman with a good technical background in the automotive industry is outstanding. These presentations I mention also use some brochures ASE has developed which outline some of the opporutnities within the industry for both male and female candidates.

ASK PATTY: Are women aware of the opportunities available to them in the automotive industry?

Tony: Actually, I’m continuously surprised at just how few women and men are aware of the wealth of opportunities available. We in the industry work hard to keep both Guidance Counselors and parents informed of what a great career choice it can be, but it’s clear we have some work yet to do to get the message out more widely.

ASK PATTY: What other types of jobs are available in automotive that aren’t service or mechanic’s jobs?

Tony: The possibilities are almost limitless. What I find interesting is how a technical background can open doors down the road in ways most never even imagine. I myself started out as an auto technician and worked part time while I went to college. Once I graduated, I found the earning potential much better in the service bay. In fact, it was largely my technical background, along with a degree in Journalism, that led to my current position. Along the way, I’ve held positions writing service manuals and as Editorial Director of two national trade magazines for auto and collision shops. But I’m just one example. There are opportunities in the automotive industry in sales, marketing, engineering, design, manufacturing, human resources, advertising, the list goes on and on. If you think about it, the automotive industry is a lot more than just selling and fixing cars.

ASK PATTY: What are some resources to women who are interested in starting a career in the automotive industry?

Tony: Perhaps the best resource is your local Technical Training program at either high school or junior college level. Getting involved in the automotive program can provide a deeper insight into the possibilities. There are also several initiatives within the automotive industry to recruit young people into the business. You can find out more by contacting the University of the Aftermarket, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, or some of the dedicated technical colleges like Universal Technical Institute or Wyo Tech, just to name a few. You can also contact us here at ASE with any questions. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Thank you for the great interview Tony!

Source by Jody DeVere

How Apps Are Evolving the News and Magazine Industry

Everybody is ‘on the go’ with little time to sit for a while at calm and consume quality content. The urge of people to go through high-quality contents including news, entertainment stories or editorials has led to the upsurge of news apps. They have become the new frontier for magazines to help people go through the latest news stories and stay updated.

With dozens and dozens of news channels penetrating in the market, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get into readers’ hands. Thus, it requires a well-integrated, winning strategy with efficient resources to break the ice and get increased downloads and usage. Following here are some of the vital factors that will signify how apps ultimately work as a boon for your business.

The New Frontier of Money Making

Magazines have an array of profit-making tools such as advertisements, subscriptions, sponsored events and paid articles. However, in the mobile-first world, you need to dig out ways by which, you can earn profits via your news application. A reader visits your app just and just to read useful contents and not to watch out banner ads. Thus, to offer a seamless experience, you should think of intuitive ways of displaying ads. Such creative ways include displaying sponsored articles below general articles or showing videos at bottom of the page.

Push Notifications

While talking about online or paper magazines, you can refer notifications to the readers only when they wish to. On the contrary, with a news app, you can send instant push notifications to readers for going through the latest stories. Moreover, it will help readers to stay in control whether they want to receive the notifications or not by disabling or enabling these services.

Social Media Connectivity

The people who visit your app daily are certainly loyal to your business. However, it is important to find out potential ways to reach rest of the world and expand your reader base. Considering this issue, social media is the best place to showcase your stories. Promoting your articles via social media can help you to fetch a wider scale of audience. Moreover, your can include a feature in it to help readers share the news on various social networking platforms as well.

Easy Navigation

In magazines, it is important to offer something interesting and new to the readers on their most liked topics. In a news application, you can develop a range of categories from which, the reader can select his preferred topic. Thus, it works as a centralised place for them to go through all the stories of that genre. Moreover, you can highlight all the relevant articles at bottom of the article. You can also place a segment of breaking stories, live videos which, readers can get easily access.

There are endless opportunities to explore for the news industry by making it mobile-driven. All you need to do is assign a group of talented app developers for building it right and promote it wisely.

Source by Rob Stephen

How to Feed Your Mind

If you read most of your daily news over feed readers or RSS aggregators, then skip this article and go do something else.

The reason why I am writing about RSS feeds, is because of how great I personally think this way of keeping your self on top of thing is. If you think that reading newspapers is the best way to get news, think again, you have to keep in mind that newspapers provide readers with news that are a day or at best a couple of hours late, so it’s stale news by the time you read it.

In the US, some magazine publications have shrank there copy sizes dramatically, removing the news sections, simply because their readers know about the news before the publication hits the news stands. Now most publications provide their own take and opinions on those news articles instead of running the headlines, simply because it’s a waste of ink, paper, and time.

I have been using feed aggregators for years now, and people tend to get a shock to see how updated I am when it comes to the latest news, I would surprise anyone when I start talking about the latest tech news, a day or two later they call me up telling me, “you’re right, I have just read this in the newspaper”.

You see man-kind is advancing in numerous ways, ways we never even dreamt of, take blogs and the way they have evolved, or listening to podcasts, and how much fun and informative they became. But I will address both on a later article, now let’s focus on RSS.

RSS means Real Simple Syndicate, well that’s one definition, it has a lot of meanings but simply it’s information that come to you upon subscription, but what makes RSS unique? And how is it different from Ezines or emailed newsletters?

Ezines and newsletters are both delivered to your email account, and to be honest we tend to ignore them at times, because they are too long to read, we would waste hours going through heaps of information, so we tend to pile them up in our inbox, till we get fed up with there inbox-presence and decide to read them over the weekend, now this is old fashion, no one does that any more, or at least shouldn’t do that any more, you see technology has advanced a great deal, and now getting informed is easier, and much more fun.

Enter RSS or news feeds, the major difference is the fact that instead of reading news off your email inbox, or typing a URL and going to a news website, you get the news to your aggregator of feed catcher software, once you subscribe to a feed the site will send the latest news to your aggregator software, you can select the length of the news feed, so that you can read a summary of the news, instead of having to read the whole thing, time is money, and this is especially true these days.

Let’s say you subscribed to a news site, you fire-up your aggregator, it will grab all the latest unread feeds on that news site, after going through them, the aggregator will remove them, and refresh to update your feeds with new news.

No time wasted, and you got what you wanted thanks to XML technology, what can be better then that, well aggregators come in different types and forms, there are the free ones all over the net and of course there is the paid subscriptions, but to round them up, aggregators fall under four major types.

Online aggregators:

Thanks to the advancement of what is known as Web 2.0, you get online software like Gmail, Flickr, Digg, the new Yahoo home-page, or even an online aggregator, most of these aggregators are free to subscribe to, they work efficiently, my personal favorites are Bloglines, and Newsgator.

Aggregator Notifiers:

These are small simple softwares that you download to your machine, they will notify you with a popup with whatever news hits your subscription, you can download them after joining an online aggregator and they will sync with the aggregator’s server, to check on new feeds.

Browser built-in aggregators:

You can find these in free browsers like Apple’s Safari 2.0, which comes with Mac OS X Tiger, you can also find it on Firefox, on all major OS platforms, and also you can find it on the upcoming Internet Explorer 7.0 (you can download the IE 7 Beta 3 for now).

Aggregator Software:

These are designated software where its only job is to grab news feeds for you, there are a lot of those, but the best would be NetNewsWire for the Mac platform, and FeedDemon on Windows, but to use anyone of these you have to pay an annual subscription.

What you should do next:

Now you should go to one of the available aggregators, and subscribe to one of them, after doing this step you should pick the news feeds you want to subscribe to and choose them, that’s it. Simple, easy, and sufficient.

I recommend that you try a free online subscription to see how useful this technology is before paying an annual subscription and downloading an RSS reader.

Stay informed 24/7 and Enjoy!

Source by Mazen Al-Angary

Canadian Immigration Statistics Are Increasingly in Favor of Tech Professionals

We recently heard of Canada’s big and better immigration plans for 2018. From a strong desire to allow a million newcomers by 2020 to a promise of huge funding in immigration, Canada elaborated on its exciting initiatives. It also did tell about the growing opportunities it has in store for various professions. But, with so many professions from various nations in the rate race of Canada immigration, don’t you think there has to be a profession which has “the best chance” for Canada? A particular sector to whom immigration can be easy as abc! Certainly, there is. It’s the IT Profession.

Canada is home to a vibrant and diverse tech sector and often a nation ranked in top numbers of countries with best IT and technical scope. Unfortunately, with all good tech scope and ever-green job market, the nation falls behind in justifying the vacancies with right IT skills. “New applications are creating jobs that were unimaginable just years ago. Ten years ago, there were no smartphone app developers, or cloud computing engineers or social media managers” said the Governor of Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz in a speech at the Queen University in Kingston-Ontario. “Immigrants have a key role to play in helping grow the Canadian economy and off-setting the country’s growing shortage of skilled labour“, he added, signifying the crucial role of immigration today in bringing right talent to the desks of Canadian tech companies.

Growing numbers in Canadian IT hub come as good news to Tech professionals

Biggest sector: The Information Technology sector of Canada is by far the biggest sector, employing nearly 900,000 professionals annually, for all its domains. The country in the recent years invested over $9.1 billion on innovation and technological growth. Having grown faster than any other sector on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) since 2013, the Tech sector of Canada is now valued at a $250 billion.

Increasing firms: Since many tech companies in Canada are relatively new startups, there is potential for significant revenue growth within Canada’s tech industry. On a rough estimate, there are nearly 71,000 firms in Canada solely in its Tech sector. This accounts to nearly 6.1% of all Canadian businesses.

Employment prospects: Of the total employment in Canada, 5.6% comes from its Tech sector. While there are over 488,000 professionals already employed in IT jobs, majorly in fields of project management, software development, data analysis, information security, etc. the shortage is still huge. By 2020, a vacancy of over 216,000 tech professionals is to be filled in all its domains. This means that till 2020, Tech professionals will remain a guaranteed favorite of Canada immigration.

Average income: Immigrants in the Tech sector earn more than any of the professionals that work in Canada. Tech professionals earn a salary as high as $66950 on an average, whereas the national average of other sectors is approximately $48,000.

Looking through this lens, Canada’s tech sector is much bigger than our current definitions are able to capture.

Stumbling blocks of Canada become stepping stones to ITians worldwide

One of the biggest hurdles of Canada’s IT sector is a soon-to-retire staff. Of the total employees in Canada, nearly 5,000,000 Canadians will soon retire. A large proportion of this number represents the IT sector. While the Canadian government has introduced several programs and courses to train the younger generation for its sector, the success seems a long journey. With an unprepared youth and an increasing skills gap, Canada needs more ITians through immigration.

LMIA has been an equal hurdle for employers in hiring new talent for their high-tech companies. With increasing constraints and restrictions of LMIA, work permits have become an old-fashion now for employers, and instead, they choose PR visas. As neither a job offer nor LMIA is mandatory in the processing of PR visas, this option has gained more preference than any other pathways to Canada.

From Indian to Canada ITian-in 6 to 12 months

While IT is a favorite profession of Canada, India is marked as a favorite nation. In 2016 and again in 2017, the highest numbers of Canada PR visas were issued to Indian nationals. Canada believes that India has talent and skills that rightly justify the requirements of Canada’s economy. Among the many-many initiatives taken by the Canadian government to invite a large number of Indians and professionals from worldwide in the least span of time, a reducing CRS, tech specific provincial nominations and Global Skills Strategy are prominent ones.

Source by Farheen Banu